Christmas orders completed

The Christmas orders are all completed which is just as well as I have had to reduce my sewing recently due to a carpal tunnel type syndrome  affecting both hands. It is something I have had in the past and is linked to the hypermobility of my thumb joints. If I sew for too long I get pins and needles and numbness in my hands. Additionally it comes on at night too and the pain can wake me up. However wearing wrist splints at night does help. So I am limiting sewing at the moment to just one session per day. You can see here a padded laptop bag with an A4 front pocket for documents, a backpack with side pockets and two different styles of glasses case. Clearly they were for a client with animal loving family and friends.20171218_16444120171218_16454920171218_16471920171218_164754

1 thought on “Christmas orders completed

  1. I love my Bernice Bag! Great website, Bernice.

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