More Recycling

I find upcycling materials, garments etc into bags very satisfying. I am currently transforming a denim skirt into a bag. I am still in the early stages but I have added 2 buckle sets to the back pockets of the skirt which will form the back of the bag. I am also using a recycled strap for it. I made a little mistake and snipped the main fabric hence the position of the transfer!! It is an iron on one but needs to be sewn as well for extra strength. I have glued the buckle straps on and am also sewing them on by hand – one completed (not very neatly). I am lining it with a silly cat material that I have lightly quilted. So far I have added a zipped pocket on one half of the lining and will probably add an open pocket. I intend to use a top inset zip to fasten the bag – probably set just below the original skirt waistband. It will be a fairly capacious bag when finished. Watch this space.20180117_21335020180117_21344220180117_213515types of bag

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